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Warning! The Worst Virus Ever! (Verified by Snopes!)

Folks — I have written articles advising you to immediately delete these types of e-mails, which are inevitably forwarded to us by well-meaning friends and family. There’s one going around right now, warning about “the worst virus ever! (verified by Snopes!)”.
I think I first saw this particular one in 1996.

Please read my article, SEND THIS E-MAIL TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!, and then please send the link to those friends and family members who show a proclivity to fall for this type of Internet scam. (You know who they are.)

These “warning!” e-mails will contain an image (attachment) which will automatically be downloaded when you open the e-mail (please see, HTML e-mail and image spam) ) which automatically gives the cyber-criminal a matching valid e-mail address and machine/IP address – yours! You don’t need to click any links, you just need to view (open) the message, and the damage is done.

So even though the Subject line may advise “DO NOT DELETE”, go ahead and do so– immediately and unopened. You’ll be protecting your Inbox and Identity. And, need I say it? The “warning” is a bogus fraud, carefully crafted to play off people’s ignorance and fear.

Short version: if you believe these letters, and forward them, you are essentially handing criminals your Contacts list, and your friends and family will get spammed.

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