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Web to PDF – Quick Reading Reco

Fellow tech blogger Rick Robinette has discovered a free service I think you, Dear Reader, might like to know about..

Easily Convert Web Pages to a PDF File

“I have always been one where I try to find ways to avoid using the printer by electronically converting and storing my documents on my PC so that they can easily be retrieved later. As a result, I very, very seldom go to the printer to print anything. One example is when I need to print a web page…”

PDFmyURL is a new tool that lets you convert any url / webpage to a .pdf and download it instantly. The online tool is free and easy to use – simply enter the url you want converted, click the button, and receive the .pdf on your desktop.

Please read the rest of Rick’s article, here, and find out more. While you’re there, explore his site a little bit. Discover why What’s On My PC.. is one of my daily reads.

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  1. TechPaul,

    At the blink of an eye, I noticed you had left a comment on the blog and then I noticed this post (linking back to the article)… Thank you my good friend! I certainly do appreciate it…



    Comment by Ramblinrick | February 9, 2010 | Reply

    • Rick,
      I am happy to mention your great site, every so often, (for those who may be new here) as I consider it to truly be an undiscovered gem. I only wonder how you can keep up the pace..!

      Folks. Seriously. Take a look-see at What’s On My PC…


      Comment by techpaul | February 9, 2010 | Reply

  2. I think CutePDF is far easier to use, always available (no need to be online) and has never failed me.


    Comment by Anonymous | February 10, 2010 | Reply

    • Sir or Ms,
      I have recommended CutePDF Writer here in the past, but I thought this online service was worth mentioning too. And doing so gave me the opportunity to also refer people to a Website that I consider one of the “undiscovered gems” of the Internet.


      Comment by techpaul | February 10, 2010 | Reply

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