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Cyber-criminals Use the Olympics to Spread Malware

Scammers and hackers are quick to take advantage of “hot news stories” and events like natural disasters to lure us into foolish clicks. So it is not all surprising that as the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games kick off, security researchers have identified emails from cyber-criminals attempting to use the Olympics to spread malware and stage targeted attacks.

One example is an email with the subject,olympic-rings “Information and resources to help you travel during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. TravelSmart 2010.htm” includes legitimate links to genuine sites, but, also has a hidden iFrame embedded in the email itself that can be used to drop almost anything onto the victim’s computer (read: virus/trojan/malware).

Folks, I constantly am reminding my readers to simply delete, unopened, any e-mail you receive unless you know the Sender… and then be leery, as the Sender heading can be easily “spoofed”.
Curiosity is not your friend when you are online.

For those who understand the need to be a little more proactive:
* How To Block iFrames*

* Got A Computer? Top 10 Things You Should Do*

Let’s be careful out there…

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  1. […] footage, only to deliver a Windows executable file with a Trojan/Downloader. Legitimate looking emails with hidden iFrames embedded in the email, which can leave malicious files on your computer, started making the rounds […]


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