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Competing With Google Search

Neither Microsoft (with MSN or Bing) nor Yahoo! can compete with Google in the arena of Tech that matters most — showing you advertisements. So…

“A powerful new choice in search is coming”

Microsoft® and Yahoo! have now received regulatory clearance to form the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance in the United States and European Union. This milestone is an exciting step in our effort to give your business a time-saving and cost-efficient way to connect with show ads to a larger combined audience of potential customers.

After the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance is implemented, you can:

  • Reach more potential customers: Search ad inventory from both the Yahoo! and Microsoft networks will be joined in a new, unified search marketplace powered by Bing™, with a combined audience of over 150 million searchers in the U.S and nearly 577 million searchers worldwide.
  • Save valuable time and effort: You’ll use a single platform—Microsoft adCenter—to manage your campaigns easier and faster. With just one buy, your search ads will reach users on Bing, Yahoo!, and other premium partner sites and networks, such as The Wall Street Journal Digital Network,,, Facebook, and
web page filled with ads

Just a few helpful results

Related: This “alliance” between Microsoft and Yahoo is interesting.. because I seem to remember Yahoo! selling ad space to Google a while back.. see Google-hoo — a world run by ad revenue

And for those of you who feel as I do, How to block ads (updated)

Note: I am a big fan of healthy marketplace competition, and not a big fan of monopolies, so I have set the “default” search engine to a different provider on each of my different machines.. to “spread the love” (IE users, to do that yourself, click here). Which ones? Well, basically any one but but I will say I am a fan of Dogpile.

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