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Skype Chat Spam Pushes Penny Stocks

Today I saw a Skype chat window pop open that was new to me. I was surprised because, when I saw it, I thought for sure it was another bogus “WINDOWS REQUIRES IMMEDIATE ATTENTION” scareware phishing ‘attack’ (see, Deja Vu All Over Again.. Skype Says It Found A Trojan…) as these have become rather common. But this one was different.new_Skype_scam

It was the same as the others in that it contained a hyperlink, and came from a stranger, but it was just a spam. A spam pushing a penny stock.

(I have no idea if the hyperlink would have infected my machine..  but.. )

I get to see these because my Skype profile is “public”, and I am listed in Skype’s directory (for business reasons). Cybercriminals simply ‘mass mail’ these tidbits, in the “cast a big net” theory. Someone, somewhere, just might be *unwise* enough to click.

You can change your settings to “private” (if they are not already) and then only those folks who know your “user name” can contact you. If you prefer to remain “public”, click the “Block” button, and then click “Report abuse from this sender” and let the folks at Skype know someone’s misusing the system.

… Sometimes.. I just have to laugh. (It’s better than crying.) Who would be *unwise* enough to respond to this? A few folks must be.. or the criminals wouldn’t bother.

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  1. Thank You for interesting information – i`ve got the same last week and just closed the windows without doing business for somebody.


    Comment by toni | March 13, 2010 | Reply

    • toni,
      Penny stock spam has been with us for a while.. but this is the first time I have received some via instant messaging/Skype. I guess I had been lucky up to now…


      Comment by techpaul | March 13, 2010 | Reply

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