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A Reco For Facebook, Twitter Users

FBI, Feds collect Facebook, social media data; Why are you surprised?

Amazingly, some people are surprised to learn that Government agencies use “social networking” sites (and other things we post online) to monitor us. This article is a “must read” for those of you who ‘tweet’, etc..

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Internal Revenue Service have training courses on gathering information on social networks, identifying relationships, chasing the bad guys and going undercover, according to documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The biggest surprise: Social networking users are surprised by any of this government activity.

To read the rest, click here.

To read the EFF document, click here.

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Day Two…

A Word To Faithful Friends Of Tech – for Everyone

This “Tech” D-I-Y Tips & Tricks, Advice and Answers website was launched in mid-2007. I have published six days a-week (over 950 articles ago now) pretty much without a break or respite. It is time for one.
For the next week to ten days, I will be here…

trunk bay

Trunk Bay by Rennett Stowe, on Flickr

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In my mind, anyway… Mentally, I am teleporting to a tropical paradise. Spring is here, and I have “the fever”!

I may put up some of my older posts again, or I might not. I will continue to answer reader mail/comments, as I always do. But I must step away and recharge my batteries, before my “blogger’s burnout” reaches “critical mass”.

I thank you for your patience and understanding.. and I remind you that all 974 previous articles are available for you to peruse (or, re-peruse) in the “Previous Tips & Answers” and keyword Search tools in the right-hand widget column.


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