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Continuing Adventures In Computerized Cars… Tech News

Item 1: Hacker Disables More Than 100 Cars Remotely

“The real problem started with a disgruntled employee that managed to walk out the door with a password from a co-worker that allowed him access to 1,100 Auto Center customers online. These vehicles were equipped with Webtech Plus, a system that allows remote access over wireless networks to allow dealers to disable vehicles from nonpaying customers. Read article here.

Item 2: Some experts say computer at fault in Toyota recall hubbub

“Toyota boss Akio Toyoda recently appeared before a Congressional panel to answer questions about his company’s behavior during the scandal. Critics allege that faulty accelerators caused several deaths in unexpected runaway vehicles.” Read article here.

Item 3: Identity Theft Cases Skyrocket As Thieves Exploit New Wi-Fi Vulnerability In Vehicles

Okay.. that last one isn’t a real headline.. yet. But it will be. With people increasingly connecting their personal lives to their cars via smart phones and wi-fi, the threat of cybercrime has taken to the road. Our cars are becoming mobile computing devices, and “rolling hotspots”. Kewel, eh?

But does your new car have an antivirus or firewall? Two items you wouldn’t think of not having on your laptop?

A while ago, I received a PR notice from Ford, which declares that at least one automobile manufacturer is aware of the convergence of Internet-connected computing and cars and – more importantly – is considering the security implications:

Item 4: Ford offers security features to protect owners’ personal information as cars, Internet converge

DEARBORN, Mich., March 5, 2010 –
With the rapid convergence of in-car technology and the Internet, Ford Motor Company said today it is offering a suite of security features to protect the personal information of millions of Ford owners from the threat of computer hackers and viruses.” For more information regarding Ford’s products, please visit

Related: Blogroll member Bill Mullins has written a more detailed look at Ford’s newest SYNC technology, here.

Further reading: Researchers expose complex cyber espionage network
A newly released report “Shadows in the Cloud”, details the the inner workings of complex cyber espionage network, that was systematically stealing sensitive documents/correspondence from the Indian government, the United Nations, as well as Dalai Lama’s offices. By Dancho Danchev

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