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You have received an eCard.. WOT?

Have you installed the safer surfing WOT (Web Of Trust) toolbar yet? I install it on all my friend’s and family’s machines because its red – yellow – green “traffic signal” warning system is simple enough even for young children.

In this screenshot, it’s warning of a dangerous hyperlink embedded in a phishing email that’s attempting to get me to open what it says is an “eCard” (hoping I won’t look at the odd URL or “.zip” file type, as most people don’t). This screenshot shows a Hotmail account.


..and should you be so foolish as to ignore (or.. simply not notice) the red circle, and click on the link anyway, and try to go to the website..


A warning ‘curtain’ (overlay) intervenes. It tells you why the website has “earned” the very bad red rating. You must click “Go to site” to proceed to the website itself.  [note: sample shown is not a download-able eCard, but a virus!]

These ratings are determined by you, me, and other Internet surfers… not some faceless giant corporation or government agency. It is “people driven”, and you get a vote. I urge you to check it out. Visit today. Gain another layer of protection from online scams, “phraud”, “phishing”, and “rogue antivirus” programs .. like TotalProtect2009.
(See, Is that anti-spyware program really spyware?)

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