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Click, click, fixed!

Some time ago now, I told you about Microsoft introducing 1-click “fix it” buttons on some of their support pages, (see, Microsoft “One-click” Fixes) which greatly simplified D-I-Y repair.

Microsoft’s has now released a new program (beta) called Fix It Center, which combines downloaded tools and online “fix its”. This gives those of you running older versions of Windows (XP, Vista) some of the same diagnostic and repair tools found in Windows 7.

Fix it Center finds and fixes many common PC and device problems automatically. Fix it Center helps to consolidate the many steps of diagnosing and repairing a problem into an automated tool that does the work for you.


When downloaded and installed, Fix It Center scans your computer, and automatically downloads the appropriate toolset for your setup. Thus, Microsoft Fix it Center personalizes solutions for your device, showing you only what matters to your hardware and software.


These tools not only find and repair ‘glitches’, but help prevent new ones, and best of all, it’s automated. (It’s not automatic, you need to open it and run it occasionally [or set as a Scheduled Task] but it does run several diagnostic routines, and then offers the solutions.)

I have installed it on several machines without issue, and am quite impressed. This tool is a great way to “optimize” your machine, even if it currently has no ‘glitches’.
Automated stuff like this could put us techs out of business… (well, not really, but you should, IMHO, look at this tool.)

Visit Fix It Center Online and find out more.. and maybe download it too!

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