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Best Free Programs For your PC

Loyal friends and true to this site have seen me mention and recommend Rick Robinette’s What’s On My PC.. website. I read it every day so I know that each and every Wednesday he compiles a list of “recommended reading” from some terrific tech bloggers, which he calls “Geek Squeaks” (check out his most recent, here, to see what I mean). This is a great collection of free education resources, and I salute him for the effort he goes through to assemble it for us.

One of the writers regularly featured on Geek Squeaks wrote and asked me if I could post one of his articles as a “guest writer”. I declined, as I don’t do “guest writers” here (you’re stuck with me) but I am happy to bring the website they have to your attention, Dear Reader. Please click this link and look at: List of Best Free Software for New Computer.
I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did!

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