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Own Shares Of McAfee?

This morning I woke up to the news that Intel had purchased McAfee, and McAfee’s stock price had “skyrocketed”. And I thought, “too bad I didn’t get an ‘insider tip’ about that one.”

The acquisition underlines Intel’s bet on “hardware-enhanced security” and demonstrates that that security is a necessary component as the tech company’s reach expands to handle billions of new Internet-ready devices, such as mobile phones and computers, TVs, cars, medical devices and ATM machines.” intel_mcafee_secure_illo01

Those interested can read more about the acquisition here. (And even greater detail, here.) I have watched Silicon Valley become Silicon Valley.. and I have seen a lot of mergers and acquisitions over the years. Some made no sense to me at all, but this one does. And it underscores how big a factor cybercrime is becoming.

Speaking of which… New analysis of stolen data brings surprises
By Woody Leonhard

Every year, the highly respected Verizon Business RISK data crime–investigation team publishes an analysis of major online data thefts it’s been asked to study.
This year, a first-ever joint report by VBR and the U.S. Secret Service presents a fascinating view into the state of the data-stealing art, with many surprising facts that should interest all consumers.”

New analysis of stolen data brings surprises
Who’s stealing sensitive data? Surprise!

How the bad guys get your personal information

What companies must do to protect our data

This week I posted two articles (and a video) on your privacy. (See, Big Brother Big Business, and Protecting your “identity) I guess a few others are thinking about the topic… including Google’s boss.. Google CEO’s social media warning; Impending information armageddon?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt warns of the consequences of social media and networks, and the vast amount of personal data that users put out there on the Web. Is privacy dead?

Folks, I know that computer security is not your favorite topic. And I know that if you do happen to be curious, and start reading about it.. you can get the sense that it is already a hopeless mess. Well, there’s a certain truth to that feeling. The “hackers” (read: “cyber-criminals”) have won all the battles. And, no, switching to Mac is not the answer. (Although, in the short term.. the idea has appeal..)

The truth is, the tech industry has finally woken up, and is scrambling like mad to find answers. In the meantime, you have a responsibility.

There are computing “Good Practices”.. and certain “Do’s & Don’ts”.
For the “do’s“, I have provided readers the basic “common good practices” in what I call my “Top 10 Things You Should Do” list.

As for the “don’ts“, well, most of those are simple common sense and some of them are “paranoid common sense”. For example, “don’t open attachments in an e-mail from a stranger promising riches”.

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