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That’s a computer?*

Sometimes, I like to post “lighter” articles. By now, your eye has glimpsed the picture of nightstand. And, maybe, you’re wondering why a piece of furniture is being shown on a Tech website..

Media Center PCWell, the reason for that is that this chest of drawers is interesting.
(Yes, Paul. Fine. But, interesting how?)

This nightstand (or.. whatever) is not really a chest of drawers at all, but is – in reality – a Media serving computer.


While “researching” the latest high-end Gaming Rigs (read “goofing off”) the other day, I decided to take a look at what people had submitted lately in the way of case mods.

Mixed in with the usual assortment of glowing, multi-fanned, custom painted, hard-core, high-performance gamers was.. this. And by contrast alone it caught my eye.
(I have never mentioned this here before, but old Tech Paul has watched the New Yankee Workshop a time or two.)

A fella by the name of Kyle Shipp took a bunch of old computer parts, and assembled them inside this $20 chest he found at Target. He has posted a webpage describing the process.. and it has a bunch of pictures of the stages. You can see how it was done, here.

Very thought provoking, and I bet it looks good in his living room.

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Orig post: 4/3/09

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