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Reader asks about 64-bit

Bad Experience With 64-bit Has Reader Worried…

Q: Paul I am hoping you can help me. I have finally managed to set aside enough that I am shopping for a new computer but all I seem to find in the stores is 64 Bit models. I had a horrible experience some years ago with a 64 Bit computer and I don’t want to go through that again. Is it worth going going to the hassle to try to find a 32 Bit model or am I stuck with 64?

A: Dear Reader,
Congratulations on your shopping. Now to your question: in my humble opinion, the only people who should make an effort to stay 32-bit are IT Departments who must maintain specialty code (custom programs essential to business operation) that are DOS-based (16-bit).

Years ago, the Industry was just making the transition to, and learning about, 64-bit, and to say that there were “teething troubles” along the way would be more than fair. (Windows XP x64 was a disaster, IMHO). However, for the most part anyway, 64-bit is now “mainstream” even for us consumers.

There are several advantages to having an “all 64” machine: the two that leap first into my mind are; one, you can access and use more RAM memory, and two, (for the time being anyway) it is more secure.

My own experiences with Windows 7 x64 have been 100% positive. (See, Windows 7 64-bit Adventures and/or A Tech’s First Impression of Windows 7 RC and/or click here to see all of my articles tagged “Windows 7”)
[ note: Those who have purchased a new 64-bit PC and are having some issues, may want to look at]

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