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Saturday Roundup

* It seems my East Coast friends can breathe a sigh of relief. The hurricane is staying out to sea and losing power, it seems. (Kinda too bad.. I love watching the “live” news infotainment reporters, standing on the jetty, getting drenched and saying inane things like, “as you can see, we are getting heavy, heavy rain and extremely high wi AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa SPLASH. Couldn’t pay me enough.)

* Those of you who enjoyed yesterday’s article on keyboard shortcuts might want to read another one I posted a while back. See, Using Your Keyboard Instead Of Your Mouse*. I might mention.. my fave keyboard shortcut? Ctrl+Z. That’s the undo key. Also-known-as the “ungoof keys.

* It seems it is time I mention again, I came across a small, free utility which can help clear ‘stuck’ print jobs from your printer que. This for when you have tried the proper method (see, The print job won’t stop printing) and you cannot “delete” the file from the list. (Or, cannot “Cancel all documents”.) The tool is called Stalled Printer Repair. It is “portable”, meaning it does not need to be installed, only “run”. You can get it here.

* Fantastic Freebies: PC WorldBest FREE Stuff, 112 Apps and Services You Shouldn’t Live Without
I will give you two of their categories, and encourage you to explore the others.

* It is a holiday weekend, and the unofficial end of summer. :-(
Summertime is my favorite time of year; has been since I was a schoolboy.
I hope you all can get out and enjoy it (safely) “to the max”.. as we used to say.

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