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The cigar box

The other day I came across a dusty, ratty, old cigar box, in a pile of junk, and fixtures, and fittings, outside a home that is being gutted for renovation and sale. It rattled when I picked it up.

cigar_boxA long time ago (I have been told) people used to use cigar boxes as catch-all storage.. handy places to keep paperclips, and such.

The sounds told me it obviously was still full of nick-knacks, trinkets, and things. So I opened it. What kind of *stuff* would I find inside?

What kind of person had owned this cigar box?

I found some thick-framed and thick-lensed, black, dork-glasses. Minus one arm. Some keys that opened who knows what. Some rubberbands and paperclips and safety pins. Some beads and buttons and baubles. In a word – crud. But. I also found…

A funny sort of thing I believe is a pen… that you write with?…

I think so, because also in there was this…

The ink is still good, it appears, so I am going to test out my theory…

I knew what this was…

.. but I can’t remember seeing anyone using one recently, nor do I recall catching a whiff of that delightful aroma. Not in twenty five years or so. Seeing this reminded me of a wonderful man I once knew.. who took the time to explain things to a curious, question-filled boy…  A long time ago.

I was – then – not surprised to find this…

nor this…

Now all I need is a flint! But I doubt you can still find those.. these days..

Thanks to another gentleman, a long long time ago, (who also who took the time to explain things to a curious, question-filled boy) I found this and…

and! I felt 12 again. Wonder if I remember how to tie a swivel on..?

Naturally, I saved the best for last, folks. Also inside that shoebox was something I was quite happy to see… My “prize”.
(It needed a little cleaning, but..)


Sharp as blazes.

I looked at the house, being stripped and gutted, and tried to picture the owner in my mind. The man who had kept this shoebox, and used to live inside. I looked at the yard’s azalea’s and rose bushes, and well-kept fence…

I cannot tell you why, but I think I would have enjoyed talking with him.

Even if he once did wear black thick-frame dork glasses…


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