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I weigh in on the iPad

There is little doubt that the top geek chic item this year is the iPad. It’s the fad.

iPad I haven’t talked about the iPad here before. (I don’t talk about Apple much at all. I’m not an iPerson. I don’t own any iGizmos.) But lately, I have been asked my reco on them quite frequently, and I have worked on a few. So.. if you are considering buying an iPad…

Tech Paul’s iPad Reco —

Don’t buy it. Wait for version 2.

(That’s a good policy for pretty much any tech thing, btw. Hardware and software. Longtime Windows users users phrase it “wait for the Service Pack”.)

So there you have it. Short and sweet. No, not yet. This ZDNet article describes it better: The truth about iPad: It’s only good for two things

“The Apple iPad is a landmark product, but it’s also imperfect and fairly limited. In fact, there are only two areas where it really shines.

I don’t think the iPad is a passing fad, like Apple’s Air was, but… well, read the article.

Related: CNet has a very thorough review, here. (Click on “expand full review”.)

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