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The Wars We Wage

App stores are the greatest hostile software delivery system ever invented by man. There are over 50,000 apps that you can download from the Google App store, and over 10,000 of them are some sort of spyware, malware or phishing software.” ~ Rob Smith, a GTISC advisory board member and CTO of Mobile Active Defense (M.A.D.) Partners

Apple apps are even worse,” Smith added. Since people often believe Apple applications are exempt from malicious infection, few are security conscious when downloading or purchasing new applications from the iTunes Store. Apple does not have a system in place to track hidden codes; its vetting process only determines if the app does what its purveyors claim it does, and if so then it is approved for download.

Mobile devices represent an escalating risk. “With the expansive use of a variety of mobile devices in the enterprise today, threats to the network are coming in different forms.

“You don’t have the same security behind mobile devices as you would have behind your laptop. You have to make sure you don’t leave any obvious weak spots from where things can find a way into the network.” ~ Mustaque Ahamad, director of the GTISC

The Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) last week released its Emerging Cyber Threats Report, which offers insight into the malicious tactics it expects to be prevalent in 2011. The report, based on GTISC research and collaboration with security industry experts, covers the increasing sophistication of botnets, mobile attacks and related cybersecurity issues.

Did you read down this far?

Those are snippets from an article that caught my attention because it mentioned how the cybercriminals are now poisoning MRI machines in hospitals.. the article is here.

(Maybe I’m just grouchy. I have to have a cavity filled today. But I’m beginning to think something needs to done about this “cybercrime” stuff.)

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