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Send and Receive E-cards Safely

Hacker Season Approaches

E-cards are prime vehicles for distributing viruses and other malware, and the bad guys’ efforts to reach you through these cards skyrocket around such holidays as Valentine’s Day.

While Valentine’s Day is months away yet, we are nearing Hacker¹ Season. Criminal activity will double, and redouble, the nearer we get to the “Holiday shopping season”. It is time for us to ratchet up our paranoid cautiousness factors, and vigilance.

Today I am not going to re-invent the wheel, but merely direct you to a concise, cogent, and bang-on-target article written by a neighbor of mine, Kim Boatman — Send and Receive E-cards Safely. It’s a short read, and the tips there can be applied to other things as well.

Or you can be like me.. and simply not open them… and miss out on the cute animated bunnies…

¹ The term “hacker” has become part of or lingo, but it is greatly misused by the media, and is generally out-of-date. “Cyber Mafia”, “Foreign Cyber-Warfare Agents”, and “Criminals” are what are really being discussed.

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