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A Parents Guide For Video Games

I came across a resource for parents that I think you should know about.. if your kids like to play video games, that is.


Fellow tech blogger Jason, at, wrote an interesting review – which is how I came to learn of it (thanks, Jason!).

“If you’re a parent concerned about the video games that your kids are playing and would like some help making sure they’re playing appropriate games, be sure to check out the What They Play website.

What They Play is a site with the intent to make parents a little less clueless about the video games their kids are playing or are begging to play. Utilizing but going well beyond the ESRB ratings that you may already be familiar with, What They Play is a great resource for parents that explains without demeaning them.”

I not only agree with his statement, I think you will enjoy his whole article, so I am providing the direct link: What They Play – A Site Explaining Video Games to Parents.

I encourage parents to read it. And then click the link he provides and visit this website.I give them both two thumbs up!

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