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Windows 7 Owners, You Want To Do This…

Congratulations! You bought yourself a new multi-core PC and it has the new Windows 7. Or, you just purchased a specially-discounted Win7 upgrade “pack” (see, Super Discounted Windows 7 – Limited Time) and brought your older computer(s) up to date with Microsoft’s latest, and arguably best, operating system.

I know you are probably busy exploring Windows 7’s features, customizing this, and tweaking that, installing your favorite games (um.. er.. I mean “programs“. Ahem) etc., etc., but please, before you do anything else, do this:

1) Find the discs that came with the computer.

Do you see a “Windows 7” or “System Recovery” disc? No? Not surprising. Most manufacturers are using a recovery partition these days (saving maybe 4¢ on the cost of a disc.. more like 1/2¢). Well the plain and simple fact is — you want a disc.

Why? Because the discs are “bootable”, and can allow you to repair machines that will not otherwise boot (aka “start up”). If you ever run into such trouble, you can boot to the disc; which includes an automated boot-repair tool, some repair/diagnostic tools, and the ability to access a System Restore point and revert your system to an earlier (working) time. (see, My favorite Life Saver flavor? System Restore).
[note: The “recovery partition” option wipes your hard drive, and reverts the machine to the factory-condition state –> total data loss. All your updates and installed programs — gone. Thanks, manufacturers! *]

So you have a partition and not a disc. Remedy that now. All you need is a blank CD or DVD.

2) Click the Start button and type repair into the Search box. The top result is what you want to click – “Create a System Repair Disc”.


3) Your optical drive should be detected (if not, use the ‘drop-down arrow’ to select your CD/DVD drive). Click “Create disc”.


The drive tray should open, so put in your blank disc…


After a few moments, the tray should open (“eject”) and you will now have a “bootable” System Recovery disc…


.. and a powerful tool for repairing your computer in the event of serious errors. You need to make this disc BEFORE you need it.. though I hope you never will.

In case I wasn’t clear: do it now.

Kudos to Microsoft for making this tool a part of Windows.

* Utter, snide, facetiousness. A terrible move; and whoever decided that should be ashamed. And fired. IMHO.

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