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Game Over? Malware That Targets Hardware

Researchers demonstrate proof-of-concept for developing malware that attacks specific hardware processors with ‘surgical’ precision

French researchers have developed a proof-of-concept for hardware-specific malware, which they consider a step up from Stuxnet and a potentially key weapon in cyberwarfare. The malware can easily identify and target specific hardware systems based on the on-board processor chip, the researchers say.”

Oh.. what a tangled web we weave. Yes folks, this is just research, and “proof of concept” means they got it to work. But, today’s PoC is tomorrow’s reality. To read the whole article, click here.

Bonus video: CNet tech-in-the-news | Spy cams that can see around corners
(If you let it run, it shows prior episodes.. like the one about the new vending machines that have facial recognition software..)

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