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Saturday? Duct Tape!

Yesterday I did something I have never, ever – not once in my whole life – done. Yes, I done did it. I used duct tape on a .. you may want to hold on to something .. heating duct.

I have used duct tape since I was knee high to a grasshopper (and thought it was “duck tape”) to repair various items. When I came of age, I learned to carry a roll in my car (along with a flashlight, and fuses, and flares). I inherited the farmer’s life philosopher, in my DNA, of “bubble gum or bailing wire – fix it!” Bubble gum and bailing wire was replaced by duct tape.

In my years, I have duct-taped-back-together, or otherwise improvised (aka “repaired”):
pet’s food bowls
fishing rods
fishing boxes
telephone handsets
telephone directories
window panes
flower vases (that didn’t work too well…)
knife handles..
.. and, yes, computers (cases! computer cases! I had a faceplate that ..)
and countless other things.. but never a duct.

But I have to say, it took going to (a sub-site of the notorious Fail Blog, it appears) to really see some duct-taping genius. Here’s a mild sample.. to tempt your tastebuds.



What’s the most amazing thing you’ve done with duct tape?
(I have already seen the Alaska bush pilot photos.. .)

(and be sure to visit [Über Geeks into case modding will want to look at pg 4.])

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