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Happy Thanksgiving

Let me start by relaying this important concept – Blackhat SEO

Scammers ready to pounce on Cyber Monday deal-hunters

While most Americans are gearing up for a long Thanksgiving weekend, retailers are readying their deals for the so-called Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping bonanzas – and criminals are already trying to capitalize on the impending buying frenzy.

Late last week, attackers began using search engine optimization (SEO) “poisoning” techniques to make their malicious sites appear near the top of holiday shopping-related search terms, according to researchers at Internet security solutions provider SonicWALL. Terms such as “Walmart Black Friday Sales 2010,” “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are leading users to malicious search results.

“We have already seen an increase in malware activity,” Deepen Desai, senior researcher at SonicWALL, told in an email on Tuesday.”

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.. and then please accept my wishes..

Please remember — we are now in prime Cybercrime Season. Let’s be careful and cautious out there.

.. I’m taking the Patriots and Cowboys, and going to do as little as possible today.


Found that in a drawer I haven’t dug to the bottom to in a while.. Some of you may remember those…
(Note the stays-fresh packaging? Ha! Must still be good.. was never opened..)(Hey, Saints didn’t cover the spread, so.. I win.)

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