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Absolutely unrelated (video How To)

Because I have decided that I am definitely not going to do any kind of a “countdown to the holidays”, I am not going to remind you that the time to sit down and address greetings cards is, well, today. And I am not going to show you pictures of one of my favorite holiday traditions (and “childhood memories”) – the gingerbread house.

photo of a gingerbread_house

Did you ever make one of these? Or help eat one?

I decorate mine with small candy canes, gumdrops, M&M’s, Life Savers candies, red hot’s, and chocolate. (I think those are Pez on the one shown .. )

Here’s a How To Video. (That anyone can follow.)

I give gingerbread houses two Tech Paul thumbs up.. and a gold star too!

* There are a mere 17 days until Christmas arrives, and we are smack-dab in the middle of the cyber-criminal’s favorite, and most active, time of year. It is the time to redouble your “paranoid common sense” and triple your vigilance for scams, e-mails links, making sure the payment portal is https://, etc.. Let’s all be safe out there!
(To help you, here is 7 Practices for Computer Security [my thanks to reader KsTinMan for the link].)

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  1. Hey Paul, thanks for the video How to Make A Ginger Bread House… amazing,looks easy… very tempting for me to test my creative skills.

    I always admired the Xmas Ginger Bread House, always thought it was for someone else to make, mainly because it looked too hard to make from scratch. I never let my imagination go that far to even attempt one. But I might just try this year to make one to give to some children I know.

    While this is not a COUNT DOWN …it adds to the Xmas Spirit



    Comment by Gaia | December 7, 2010 | Reply

    • Gaia,
      Three “yeses”
      Yes #1: You’re correct. This is most definitely not a countdown.

      Yes #2: Yes, please.
      (It would surely instill in me a “feel all warm and fuzzy”, if I thought for one moment that I sparked your creative-ness-itity and that my writing would get one person to – maybe – change up their routines just a wee little bit. The idea that some children might benefit from your endeavors, and have a nicer holiday because of them.. well, that idea most assuredly gets two Tech Paul “thumbs up”!!! [um, wait, I think that needs two more excla’s — !!]. I might add that, it is my humble opinion that, though the kids would certainly receive a delightful treat {I well remember the moment I first layed eyes on one}, the real winner would be you. I hope you’ll follow through.)

      Yes #3: Yes, it is not that hard at all. The trick (for easiness) is using a template.
      (The hardest part may be not eating up all the ingredients before the house gets built. Ha!)


      Comment by techpaul | December 7, 2010 | Reply

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