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Sunday Beauty XXI (and some great spam)

Folks, this is a Wikimedia “featured photo”.

image 3 egret chicks
Great Egret (Ardea alba) nest with three chicks at the Morro Bay Heron Rookery

Photo by Mike Baird, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. (Click on image to see more from this artist.)

I have cautioned you, Dear Reader, that we are smack-dab in the middle of Prime Cybercrime Season, and to be on the lookout for online con artists and thieves. (Be sure to read, Beware “The Twelve Scams of Christmas”, if you haven’t already.) Some of their methods are quite subtle, others are .. well, rather lame.

We are in the year 2010 (for just a few more days) and yet there are still people *naive* enough and *curious* enough to Open the attached “file”.. and frankly, any sympathy I may have had for them has worn mighty thin. I cannot believe I still have to say  – Do Not Open Email From Strangers. (And certainly not strangers in Mongolia [the “.mn”] ha!)

No good can come of it.

“Robert Mueller” decided to send me another email that same day…


From: “Robert Mueller” <>
To: undisclosed-recipients

Dear Beneficiary,

I hope that this correspondence is received with the urgency and expediency required. It has come to the notice of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK,NEW YORK of some fraudulent act on some of our citizens and non-citizens of the United States and non-United States Citizens, because of this act we decided to report the case to the FBI and IMF.Due to our reports to this top organisation,there was an intervention and our financial consultants(RICHARD GLISTER & ASSOCIATES)was send to intervene concerning your funds and funds belonging to some other people who as gone through the same scam/hoax you have gone through.

OUR FINDINGS: We found out that the former GOVERNOR of CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA/OFFICIALS/SCAM BANK in Nigeria was behind all this scams collecting money from beneficiary of Inheritance/Contract just to frustrate them on loosing hope to get their Funds. After the intervention of our consultants, the GOVERNOR of the Central Bank of Nigeria was impeached from office for his fraudulent act and will face the wrath in court very soon.

Successfully, we now found out in their files that 16 Americans and 28 Non-Americans were victims of  this scams, As a matter of fact we ordered the CBN Nigeria to calculate all funds in their possession belonging to Inheritance/contract/lottery payment and send it to a suspense account of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK,NEW YORK and that as been done since 3 weeks ago. Although our financial consultants are still there to secure the TELEX CONFIRMATION CODE on your behalf to enable this office release your fund to any account you wish anywhere in the world.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are in contact with anyone who claims he his an official of Central bank of Nigeria, attorney or anyone who claims he has your funds in their possession, please beware of them all because its a big scam. Your fund as been moved out of Nigeria to a suspense account at the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and will be released to you in due course as soon as our financial consultants headed by DR.RICHARD GLISTER finish up with their meeting with the President of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. All will be concluded in their meeting today.
Also Note: If anyone tells you that your fund is in London, Spain or anywhere in the world count it as a big lie and a big scam.

You are to contact DR RICHARD GLISTER on this email address:

You are to give him your Contact Address and phone number so that he could contact you as soon as he could secure the TELEX CONFIRMATION CODE that will enable us the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK,NEW YORK Transfer your fund to you.

send your response to:

You might think there’s no one *naive* enough to respond to this “Beware Of The Scam” scam.. and there really shouldn’t be, but… they walk among us.

And here’s one I just know is a fake…

.. ‘cuz no one “adores me”… sniff, sniff, wwwaaaa! (at least, hopefully no one named “mr.mufthi”)

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