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Sunday Beauty XXII

Folks, today’s image comes to us from the Ukraine, but it may as well have been taken here in my town..

Photo by Pridatko Oleksandr, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I am inside a raincloud for the 3rd straight day. No “white Christmas” for the SF Bay Area. Just wind, and rain, and gray, and mud. (A truly “yucky” day.) When I am trapped in dark, damp, and cold environments, it has an effect on me.. it “brings me down”. A mild form of Depression sets in. And when that happens, I tend to get a mood of melancholia, and ponder the bigger things in Life… So I hope you will humor me, and “put up with” what I am going to write next.

Folks, do you know someone who this will be their first Christmas alone? Someone who is a recent widow/widower perhaps? I ask you to think on it.. and I ask you to – maybe – go out of your way this year to drop in on them, or – perhaps – invite them to your table. Possibly – give them a phone call, and let them know you are thinking of them.

Reminder: We are in prime cybercrime season. Let’s be careful out there and exercise a double dose of Paranoid Common Sense. (And if you missed it, be sure to read Beware “The Twelve Scams of Christmas”)

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