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Important things… on a Thursday?

The topic today is “Important Things”. I will warn you up front – I am not going to be too rigid in my definition…

1) Windows owners will want, I believe, to apply a ‘quick fix’ Microsoft has made available for us now. This closes a ‘vulnerability’ that the Online Evil Doers are using to exploit machines (aka “hack”). Eventually, this fix will be released via Windows Updates, but those who want it now can click on my screenshot (below), scroll down a bit, and then click the webpage’s Fixit Install button.

click on image to go to MS website

2) Watch out for ‘Microsoft Tech Support’ scams (telephone)

“I’m from Microsoft and I’m here to help.” At least, that’s what reader MP thought he heard when he answered the phone. It wasn’t.

Con artists all over the world are bilking big bucks out of unsuspecting Microsoft customers — including savvy Windows users.

3) You may have heard the hype about the Internet “running out of addresses”. Well, it’s true. Those who originally designed TCP/IP never dreamed it would be used publicly and by so many; (it was not DARPANET‘s purpose) and so, a new addressing scheme is in the works – IPv6.
This article, Vint Cerf, ‘Father’ of Internet, Weighs In on IPv4 Exhaustion, puts things into clear and simple perspective quite nicely (and is free of “media hysteria” {for ratings}.)

4) I am rather impressed with the Canon MX870. This review seems a bit off to me.. as I have not yet witnessed ‘print lag’, but have seen speedy, automatic duplex copying on a does-it-all. As well as high quality color photo printing. For $140… it’s making me rethink my interest in color lasers…

5) I sat up when I saw this title, Fear of liability is putting a stranglehold on common sense (I wonder if the Courts ever considered that… Actually, no, I don’t ‘wonder’. I am pretty sure they haven’t. Who factors in the Law Of Unintended Consequences?) A good read by Toni Bowers.

“We’ve probably all known a boss or co-worker who is both mean and incompetent. Why are some of these people allowed to retain their jobs?”

6) Egypt Flips Internet Kill Switch. Will the U.S.?

“What can an undemocratic government to do to control its people? If tear gas and rubber bullets don’t work, take away their Twitter and Facebook access, of course. And if the people still don’t fall into line, cut off their Internet and mobile phone access entirely.”

7) High school cybersecurity competition kicks off

The Center for Internet Security’s US Cyber Challenge today kicked off an online competition to identify high school students possibly interested in cybersecurity career. The Cyber Foundations competition is part of US Cyber Challenge’s overall goal of finding 10,000 Americans interested in pursuing cybersecurity as practitioners or researchers.

8) Best For Last Department:
We have a very special event coming up. An event of such significance and meaning that life, for many, comes to a stop, and we gather friends and family together to be with us when we witness it.

An event of such significance and meaning that advertisers actually produce halfway decent ads to show us for it. And everyone “tunes in”. I’m talking, of course, about Super Bowl XLV. And many of you are wondering what my pick is.

… well… truth is, for the first time that I can remember — I don’t have one.

A reader sent me this: “I just saw a report on our local tv news that women have more of a chance of a heart attack watching the Super Bowl than men.  Here is the link for you to read

And another reader sent me this ‘quote for your day’:

Physical age is not a true measure of a person
Judge a person by his good work, knowledge, practical experience,
His physical and mental health
And his love and respect towards you and the beauty of nature.

Thank you, Dear Readers (you know who you are).

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