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Cybercrime: Why it’s the new growth industry

Folks, one of my fave tech writers, Deb Shinder, today published a very good article I would like to ask you to read.

Cybercrime: Why it’s the new growth industry

Deb Shinder takes a closer look at cybercrime trends to explain why it is seeing double-digit growth and what is being done to counteract this expanding industry.

Since I think this is important enough that everyone should read this, I am also going to ask you to pass it on to your friends and loved ones.

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March 1, 2011 - Posted by | computers, cyber crime, hackers, Internet, News, security | , , ,


  1. That is indeed a very good article Paul. Your ability to keep your finger on the pulse of technological news is an invaluable attribute.

    I used to spend hours scouring the Internet looking for items such as this, and it gets a bit tiring since you seem to find many articles that are not as comprehensive or informative.

    Thanks for posting this link


    Comment by KsTinMan | March 2, 2011 | Reply

    • KsTinMan,
      I am always happy to refer folks to top drawer resources. Not only is Deb Shinder one such resource, but this particular article is of particular note, and I wish every computer user would read it.
      But according to my stats.. you and 5 other people did.

      Sometimes.. I wonder why I even bother. But I am very glad you appreciated it, and I hope your comment will encourage future clicks on the link. Those who woud like to read more from Deb, here is her blog, Deb Shinder’s Tech Talk.


      Comment by techpaul | March 2, 2011 | Reply

      • Why do you suppose folks have become so uninterested in or numb to Cybercrime? That was a great article you linked to. Do you think they feel helpless, or like there’s nothing they can do about it?

        It isn’t like the economy or other national issues. We can actually protect ourselves to a certain extent from this insanity.


        Comment by KsTinMan | March 2, 2011 | Reply

        • KsTinMan,
          Your seemingly simple question is – IMHO – anything but.

          For starters.. I don’t think it’s an issue of powerlessness, like one might feel about national policy or global economies or Man’s continual dabbling with the 7 Deadly Sins. I think it’s more a case of we live in a society with a media that profits by delivering bad news and scaring us, and that media comes into our homes 24/7×365. We have become desensitized, I think, to bad news, and for most people, it is a case of “it hasn’t happened to me”.
          (Once it does.. they feel quite differently about banking Trojans and/or Identity Theft.)

          Many know, also, that should they get had, their bank will put their money back for them.. so why worry? (This is changing mucho muy mas pronto. The “benchmark cases” are already in the courts.)

          Another factor is.. how many people actually change their oil+filters every 5,000 miles, rotate their tires every 15,000 miles, have their brakes inspected, and carry full auto insurance (etc.) like they “know they should”?
          I have been running my repair business for several years now, and in those years, I have had exactly 3 clients who answered “yes” when I asked if they had a recent backup of their files. 98% say “I was meaning to, but…” and 1.6% say “backup? What’s that?”

          And lets not forget people are making REAL MONEY telling us yokels the Internet is a safe and wonderful place and their device is the very best way to connect. Ignorance is profit, fersher.

          … also, a surprising number of people still think “hackers” are bright kids ‘fooling around’, and are quite ignorant of the cybermafia, and hostile nations using computers as weapons. Maybe someone needs to make a movie..


          Comment by techpaul | March 2, 2011 | Reply

          • Yes. You are correct on all counts.

            And, I posted something a while back that was misconstrued by a few folks. I said something that suggested mostly kids were the culprits and just being mischievous. I certainly didn’t mean that they were the only ones responsible, just that they were being enabled and tempted into hacking by researchers who were providing them the code.

            When I was a kid we did silly stuff like doing donuts on the lawn, flushing M-80’s down the toilet in the third story bathroom at school, and other rebellious and generally mischievous acts. We didn’t have a world-wide stage to try and mess with, or the tools with which to do so. These bright kids that want to see what they can get away with on the internet generally are not the ones that we have to be concerned about, although they’re just as guilty of criminal acts as all the others are. The point I was trying to make is that if you handed an M-80 and a match to kid in the 60’s, chances are that kid would light the fuse and run. Enough said about that.

            True criminal individuals and organizations are actively using hacks to steal sensitive and personal information. They are disrupting our lives and the economy. They are indeed using computers as weapons, and are guilty of terrorism IMHO. The fact that Cybercrime is a double digit growth industry is not only true, but downright frightening.

            I use every good malware application I can. I only get on the internet using a virtual machine (Sandboxie). I still do not feel safe online… and I don’t visit any questionable websites. I never download anything I am not sure about, and even then I run most setup files in the sandbox just for my own peace of mind.

            All of these things have become a necessity, even though they are a real inconvenience. It would be nice to start up your browser and go wherever you like without having to worry about being attacked at every turn, but that’s not going to happen. It’s similar to an online Role Playing Game… There are bad guys waiting for unsuspecting users to pass by, and if they aren’t protected they will get nailed. Every time.

            I apologize for this lengthy post. I really needed to speak my mind about this today.

            Thanks again Paul


            Comment by KsTinMan | March 2, 2011 | Reply

            • KsTinMan,
              The technology we use was invented without any concern or planning for security — it just wasn’t a consideration. Now we pay the price.

              Every security move and tool that have been implemented have been a re-action, a bandaid, a “patch”. The Evil Doers write a virus, so the Whitehats write an antivirus.. A never-ending game of cat-and-mouse. (IMHO, we lost the ‘war’ with the cybercriminals in 2007.)

              Frankly, the only solutions I see are either obliterate all cybercriminals, or scrap all our technology and start over — this time building it with security and privacy the primary consideration. (Government and financial institutions have no business using Windows and TCP/IP [the Internet] but they do). Imagine the cost of that.. and you will see why I don’t see either of those things happening anytime soon — so expect things to get a lot worse before they get any better.

              I applaud your concerns and preventative measures.


              Comment by techpaul | March 2, 2011 | Reply

  2. A little late getting to this.

    It is an excellent informational article. Every government as well as all tech. users should read it.

    Deb Shinder says that “laws have not kept up with the technology”… perhaps the developers of the technology need to slow down.

    I will be sending this to many.


    Comment by Gaia | March 2, 2011 | Reply

    • Gaia,
      I do not see the progress of tech slowing down. Moore’s Law is still alive and well.


      Comment by techpaul | March 2, 2011 | Reply

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