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A word about betas (reader question)

Q: The Firefox 4 (beta) looks pretty good.  Is there anything I should ask you about Firefox4 before I install it?

A: Dear Reader,
“Beta” quite literally translates to “not ready for Prime Time”, and the “rule of thumb” is: do not play with betas on production machines.

If you have a computer you can use as a “testbed”, that has nothing of real value on it, and you wouldn’t care much if it crashed, you can go ahead and play (aka “test it out”) with a beta program.

In this specific case, (Firefox 4) this is, like, the 9th version of the beta.. meaning, it is getting close to “release”, and so is probably fairly refined and stable.
But.. what would the gain be for going ahead and trying it? What benefit? What would the cost be if it crashed your machine? Only you can weight that.

To me.. Firefox is a web browser, meaning — it opens web pages. Browsers have been doing that for years now… The only reason I can really see for updating a web browser is security. Personally, I will wait for Firefox 4.1 before I switch.

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