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Some Headlines 4 U


Health Net Breach Exposes 1.9 Million Records
Insurer’s second major breach due to lost drives..
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(It seems it was IBM that lost the drives.. but, Health Net gets the blame, and pays the penalties.. Why is that?)

Hospitality Industry On Mission To Curb Cyberattacks
Effort aims to make hotels less attractive targets for cybercrime..
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Twitter Offers Users A Default SSL Setting
New ‘Always use HTTPS’ setting the next step toward default HTTPS for everyone, Twitter says..
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– Report: New Malware Increased By 26 Percent In Past Year
Average of 73,000 new samples created daily in 2011, PandaLabs reports..
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In its Q1 malware report, PandaLabs, Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory, identified an average of 73,000 new malware strains per day during the first quarter of 2011, most of which were Trojans. There was a 26 percent increase of new threats compared to the same period last year, the researchers say.

DDoS Attacks Up 22 Percent In Second Half Of 2010, Study Says
Denial-of-service has become top attack vector, according to Trustwave report..
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The Truth About Malvertising
We tend to think of malvertising as short lived, one-oft attacks that somehow managed to momentarily breach the ad network’s defenses. The reality is, malvertising is more norm than anomaly and can easily persist on major ad networks for months, even years, at a time…
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[A brief aside: 73,000 new virus ‘samples’ (aka “variants”) EACH AND EVERY DAY. Are you listening, Cyber Czar?]

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