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First and foremost, I need to apologize to my shamrock-influenced friends for failing to wish them a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day. Sorry guys.

Next up, a short “Friday Fun” video.

Almost a year ago I wrote an article How To Watch TV On Your Computer, which mentioned Hulu, a “streaming media” portal. For those who make use of Hulu on a fairly regular basis, you may (if you haven’t already) want to download and install the Hulu Desktop app.
Hulu Desktop gives you a 10′, remote-controllable interface (for your TV).

And, for those of you who make use of Hulu on a fairly regular basis and also are using Windows Media Center on your Windows 7 PC, you can download and install Hulu Desktop Windows 7 Media Center Integration 2.0.

Hulu Desktop Integration 2.0 provides an easy way for users to go back and forth between Windows Media Center and Hulu Desktop. When clicking on HULU in Windows 7 Media Center, the software automatically closes Windows Media Center, Starts HULU Desktop Maximized in full screen. When you are done with HULU Desktop, click on Exit in the main menu, the software will automatically start Windows Media Center back up in full screen mode.

This software is aimed at people who want to have a easy way of switching with just their remote controls while sitting on the couch.

Please note.. while I did fiddle around with Hulu Desktop, I do not have a media center PC & TV hookup running, so I – personally – have not tested the integrator. However, I have seen it recommended in such reputable places as PC World magazine (so I am comfortable recommending it).
I would appreciate reader feedback on this one.

… rainstorm blowin’ in. Think I’ll stay indoors..

[related update: Wow. We just got a tornado warning.. We don’t get those.–118253114.html. I cannot remember ever hearing of one.. and I grew up here. They say the safest place is in your basement. Um.. basement? This is Kallyfornyah. Who has a basement?]

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