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Tips for Selling Your Old Tech Gear

Strategies for Selling Your Old Tech Equipment

Thanks to Moore’s Law, science and technology are advancing at an exponential rate. Yesterday’s gizmos, gadgets, and doodads become outdated (obsolete, even) in just a couple of years. It seems every time I turn around, something new is in the stores — like, 3D TV.

For many of us, that means closets full of old devices.. maybe perfectly functioning equipment. And maybe some of that gear is still wanted by somebody, while others are destined only for the recyclers’ heap. But how do you tell which is which? And.. how do you find a buyer for the ‘good stuff’?

A man I admire reminded me one time of some profound wisdom, which I have taken to heart: he said, “Paul, don’t reinvent the wheel.” So today I am simply going to tell you that this subject is not a “simple answer” topic. (For one thing, the answer is different depending on whether you are talking about laptops, or printers, or cell phones, or a camera. And your options are far greater than “post it on Ebay”.)

I am also going to tell you that I have a comprehensive resource to recommend to you which breaks down the tips and strategies by categories, and provides detailed answers, as well as places to sell you may not know about.

If you are interested in trying to sell your (old) stuff, I highly recommend reading this article: How to Sell Your PC (and Other Gadgets)

Need cash to buy the latest and greatest? Here’s how to turn your drawer full of old smartphones, cameras, and other tech toys into some brand-new gear.

If you don’t plan properly, you could potentially spend so much time selling your old gear that you’d get a better hourly rate of return by spending 30 minutes taking your tech to a recycling center and picking up a side job washing windshields on the expressway.”

Also: Every time I talk about this subject, I feel compelled to remind you that you need to securely delete (see, What You Need To Know About “Delete”*) any device that “stores” information before you dispose of it. (No, “delete” is not the same as “erase forever”) In this day and age of Identity Theft, I should not have to say that… but.

Today’s (other) recommended reading:

* Fact-checking AT&T’s merger claims

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — If you’re skeptical about AT&T’s claims that its purchase of T-Mobile will benefit consumers, you’re not alone.

[see also: AT&T buys T-mobile: The 4G race is on in the US — Deutsche Telekom has agreed to sell T-Mobile USA to AT&T for $39 billion, which will help AT&T create America’s largest mobile phone provider. The real news: The 4G race is about to heat up.]

* Did you know your smartphone photos may be giving away your location?

“If you are in the habit of taking photos with your smartphone and posting them online, you may be giving away your location. Embedded in those photos, not visible to the naked eye, are what are called geotags…”

* Google Says China Is Hindering Gmail

“The company’s decision last year to refuse to censor its search results in China continues to have repercussions…”

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