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Internet Outages

The Internet has been acting very strange for me today, starting with a brief, but weird Gmail glitch.. later on, WordPress (which hosts this blog) went into “read only mode” and I could not post anything online all afternoon. Then Netflix went totally offline. I suspect there’s some “hacker” shenanigans afoot (aka Denial of Service attacks [DoS]) causing these outages.

Netflix suffers hour-long outage, fans complain via Twitter

CNET (blog) – Greg Sandoval – ‎1 hour ago‎

Netflix managers were investigating the cause of an hour-long outage that has left millions of subscribers without access to their queue or the ability to stream movies. Visitors to Netflix this evening were greeted by a note that notified

Regardless of what the article states, my Netflix is still “unavailable”. A friend on the Right Coast says his services are normal and the Internet is okay.. so maybe it’s a Lefty Coast thing..

Related: A DDoS attack took WordPress offline just a week or so ago..

WordPress Outage Today: Taken Down By DDoS Attack
Product Reviews – Peter Chubb – ‎Mar 3, 2011‎

“A huge percentage of blogs were shocked to learn that there was a WordPress outage today, as it was taken down by a DDoS attack. Although WordPress managed to get things under control, there are fears that it could happen again..”

Ah. The joys of cloud computing..

[update: as of 7:45pm Pacific, both Netflix and WordPress have returned to service.]

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Do You Own A HP Laptop?

Hewlett-Packard expands battery recall program

HP and Compaq laptop owners should check their batteries to see if they qualify for free replacement under an expanded recall program. These batteries may have a defect which can result in overheating and/or rupture — which could lead to personal injury and/or property damage.

The recall program, originally announced in 2009, has been expanded to include more product numbers and models. (So if you checked before, you want to check again against this larger list.)

HP will send affected owners a free replacement battery.

To see if yours is a qualifying battery, click this link to visit the HP Notebook PC Battery Pack Replacement Program page. Here you will find the list, and steps for determining (aka “validating”) if you are eligible. For more information, you can call HP at 1-888-202-4320.

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