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Shortcut: Quickly Tile Your Open Windows

Windows 7’s Snap feature lets you arrange your open windows side-by-side simply by dragging them to the edge of your screen. This greatly enhances working with multiple documents. Today’s Quick Tip shows the shortcut method for those who are using XP or Vista. This window arranging (or “stacking”) is called “tiling”.

First, hold down the Ctrl key. Then click on the tabs in your Taskbar for the windows you want to arrange and work with. (In this screenshot, I have ‘select’-ed Firefox and Word.)

Click to see larger image

Now right-click on a blank area of the Taskbar, and a context menu window will open.

XP: choose “Tile Vertically“.
Vista: choose “Show Windows Side by Side“.

That’s it. When you are done, and want to return to normal, right-click a blank part of the Taskbar and choose Undo. (Or, drag and resize manually with your cursor.)

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(note: this tool does not block, only warns.)

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