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5 More Public Places You Can Get Online – For Free

And Also A Video

My fave wireless “hotspot” is not a Starbucks, but a public library. With no membership required (provided you’re connecting with your own device), and no time limits enforced, this is a great option for getting some work done in a quiet environment.

Here’s a look at 5 lesser known Wi Fi Hotspot places where you can get online for free:

  1. Bookstores – Retail book chains, such as Barnes and Noble, in a move designed to increase traffic and sell more books, have become a great alternative to the usual coffee shop routine. In addition to free Wi Fi, there’s the added benefit of not having to worry about tying up a table for too long, or making a minimum purchase to justify your stay.
  2. Local Colleges/Universities – On-campus sites such as the library, courtyards, quads and study lounges are also excellent alternatives for Wi Fi access.
  3. Hotels/Motels – A number of hotel and motel chains such as Holiday Inn, Best Western, Doubletree and EconoLodge provide free WiFi for guests in common areas such as lobbies, restaurants and lounges.
  4. Public Transportation Depots – You probably expect hotspots at airports, but you may not know that many bus and train terminals also have Wi Fi these days.
  5. Laundromats – I discovered this by accident. Many coin-op laundromats are providing wireless.. to help you get the most out of laundry day.
  6. Hospitals (reader submitted bonus)

Today’s free link: Wifi Hotspot List a self-described “Definitive Wi Fi Hotspot Directory” that allows you to input a street address to find local hotspots within a 1 to 10 mile radius, and includes a means to add any that you’ve discovered on your own.

Today’s fun: This YouTube video is somebody’s “travelogue” and is much the “home movie”.. it is also a “virtual tour” of an amazing place — Legoland. Enjoy!

When I was knee-high to a grasshopper.. I made a few things with Logo’s snap-together blocks.. but nothing like this.. this is just, wow!

Enjoy your weekend, folks.

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