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More Tips on E-waste

If you have an Office Depot near you, they have a program I think you should know about.

If you are like most, you have drawers and/or closet shelves piled with old electronic gadgets, doodads, and whatnots, that you know should go to the recyclers. And you’re aware that electronics contain toxic chemicals and stuff, so you know it’ll probably cost you good money to get rid of it.
So that old gear sits and takes up space.

“Electronic waste, commonly known as “E-waste” is one of the fastest growing segments of our nation’s waste stream. Millions of tons of E-waste was dumped in landfills in the U.S., according to the EPA. How can you help? Office Depot launched a Tech Recycling Service in over 1,000 store locations in 2007, which gives customers the opportunity to recycle their old technology right at their local Office Depot store. Simply purchase a Tech Recycling box at your local store for a nominal fee, take it to your home or office and fill it with unlimited pieces of technology. Office Depot then works with a recycling partner to turn E-waste into reusable materials, such as glass, copper, plastic and aluminum.”

Small ($5):       8″H x 15″D x 18″W (Max Weight 20lbs.)
Medium ($10): 20″H x 16″D x 16″W (Max Weight 40lbs.)
Large ($15):    24″H x 18″D x 18″W (Max Weight 60lbs.)

* Monitors (CRTs + LCD)
* Fax Machines
* Desktop PCs
* Laptop PCs
* Printers/All-In-Ones
* Scanners
* Peripherals (e.g. Keyboards, mice, drives, etc.)
* Telephones
* Digital Cameras
* Video Cameras
* VCRs
* DVD Players
* MP3 Players
* Small Televisions
* Cords & Cables
*  Cracked monitors
*  Electronics covered in
liquids / leaking
*  Refrigerators or other items
containing Freon
*  Appliances such as
toasters or kettles
*  Items containing
radioactive materials
*  Items that have, or may
have been contaminated
with chemicals
*  Liquids

I applaud Office  Depot for providing this service; and, naturally, I encourage folks to dispose of electronics safely and properly. (To take advantage full advantage, I reco buying a big box. $15 will get rid of a lot of that old junk. Sixty pounds worth!)

I also remind you that devices that may have data stored on them (aka “memory”), such as floppies, hard drives, cell phones, should have those memories “shredded” (aka “destroyed”). Please read, Delete does NOT erase your data*– preventing recovery and/or Reader Question Answered: Disposing of Floppies before you recycle (or otherwise dispose of old gear).

For more advice with tips for selling, or disposal, you can read my earlier articles. Just click here.

Bonus: These came in overnight.. what is wrong with people, man?! Is it contagious?

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