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A Few Quick Tips + Friday Fun

Today a few “quick tips” for you on this TGIF.

QT#1: Quick Tip One is a “keyboard shortcut”:
You can quickly change the size of the icons on your Desktop by holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling your mouse wheel. Scroll forward to shrink them (to make room for more, maybe) or scroll back (toward you) to make them bigger and easier to see.

* What Is The “Windows key” Good For?
* Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts – Manage Your Windows with Alt
* Using Your Keyboard Instead Of Your Mouse*

QT#2: Quick Tip Two is a “reading reco”:

A Successful Data Recovery Story Using Some Desperation Moves
A friend recently came to me with an old IDE hard drive that was determined to be dead by a computer tech. He had held onto the drive, which was several years old, with the hope that someday the data on the drive could possibly be recovered, without costing him an arm and a leg. […]” Read more of this post…

QT#3: The clock is ticking… Taxes
To help you meet this deadline, on the IRS website there is a page called “FreeFile”, and here you will find the “partnership links” to the free versions of 19 accepted tax prep programs — of which H&R Block’s Free File and also TurboTax are available.
To qualify, you must have an Adjusted Gross Income of $56,000 or less.
Today’s free link: FreeFile at the IRS

QT#4: Quick Tip Four is also a “reading reco”:

Get wired performance from your Wi-Fi network
Although the Wi-Fi arms race isn’t going to let up any time soon, wireless can never be as fast and reliable as wires.

So why fight it? Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid Wi-Fi and powerline network, perfect for streaming high-def video. Read more of this post…

Friday Fun: Best of failblog (an assembly of “best” videos from the Failblog)

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