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Despite the sunshine that greeted me, I am in kind of a sour mood this morning.

Actually.. my “sourness” has been building up. I am “sour” because, after years of use, my main email account now receives SO MUCH spam (“Junk”) I am considering dropping it, and starting fresh — which is a pain. In fact, I am getting so sour.. I think the world is over-populated. By 16 *people*, at least…

Fact: 90% (or more) of all the traffic on the Internet – at any given moment – is spam. Plenty of experts will tell you 95%. (I would say that makes the Internet 90% broken.)

Fact 2: Most spam is sent by criminals who have infected our machines, and are using them in a botnet.

Because this website is Rated E (suitable for “everyone”), I will refrain from describing my opinion of anyone who would think it a good use of their time to compose a message, such as these, and then mass mail it.. nor describe my cure for over-population. Instead..

I want to know what you think

Today’s reading reco: Stop being duped by the 3D scam

“The entertainment and electronics industries keep trying to push 3D on consumers, even though a lot of smart people have caught on to the fact that it’s scam. It’s time to stop the madness.” Read more…

Please: Don’t worry about me or my mood. I have a trick for curing “sourness”.
I form a mental picture.. and it works every time…

.. and then I turn on a really “rockin” music video..


The weekend is (almost) here! The weekend is (almost) here!

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April 22, 2011 Posted by | Internet, spam and junk mail, tech | | 2 Comments

Ooooh.. NOW I’m really *happy*

* Think: the opposite of happy

I just viewed this site from a non-signed in computer, and saw something I had never seem before. Something labeled “On the PopPressed Radar”.

Even though this appears to be one of my “widgets” (something I put on there) it is not.

It is something WordPress is doing.

To try to “pay for” the free service they provide.

I apologize to you, Dear Reader, and beg you – do not click the link.

I have just now shelled out $30 (for one year’s worth) to pay for a “no ads” subscription, in the hopes you will not see *stuff* like that again. That will buy me the time to consider my options. If you would like to support my no ads policy.. you can donate any amount by clicking the button in my sidebar.

Thank you.

April 22, 2011 Posted by | Internet | 2 Comments