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FBI warns of millions lost in fraudulent transfers to China

The FBI is probing 20 new cases of U.S. businesses losing millions of dollars to cybercriminals, who then siphoned off the cash to accounts in China.

PlayStation Network hacked, data on millions at risk

Sony may have sustained the largest cyber intrusion since the Heartland Payment Systems breach, disclosing Tuesday that its PlayStation Network (PSN) was hacked to steal sensitive information belonging to users.

Lawmakers to probe smartphone data collection

Google and Apple are facing heat from U.S. and foreign lawmakers over the discovery that their smartphone and tablet devices are collecting and storing information about users’ locations.

Apple responds to data collection concerns

Apple has denied logging users’ locations and promised to release a software update to change the way it stores data on iPhones.

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We live in a wired society, and if we sever those wires, the social, economic, and communications linkages that make our way of life possible will cease to function. I am gravely concerned that we are not taking the necessary steps to guard against this threat, which I believe is the greatest unmet national security need facing the United States.” ~ Sheldon Speaks in Senate on Cyber Threats

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A very good read: Calculating the true cost of cybercrime

Deb Shinder looks at several studies that have sought to quantify the cost of cybercrime. She presents the difficulties associated with it — and the challenges it poses for adequate law enforcement.

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