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There’s something on my mind…

The weekend is here, and I hope you, Dear Reader, will find some time to enjoy it.

Me? There’s something on my mind…which I first wrote about back in September. (See, The cigar box.)

I have been informed: a certain season starts today.

Which means it’s a good thing I finally got off my duff, screwed up my courage, and went and rang a neighbor’s doorbell, and asked the gentleman who answered if he could show me how to cast with a fly rod.

He agreed, and apparently, all my fears about the fly technique were “in my head”, and it turns out, I’m a ‘natural’. (I don’t know if that’s exactly true. But I haven’t hooked my ear yet. And it was a very nice thing for my mentor to say. Don’t you think?)

Now, I have to get off my duff, and climb into the attic, and dig out the rest of my gear.. which has been gathering dust since the last time I went fish hunting.. sometime back in the early 80’s. And guess what? Imma gonna. Today, as a matter of fact.

There’s more to life than “tech”.
Spring is here, and it’s Get-Off-The-Old-Duff getting time.


Who knew I could cast a fly?

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April 30, 2011 Posted by | advice | 10 Comments