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This Is Important

Folks, the other day I received an email from the webmaster of our local (small town) paper:

Dear *newspaper name*Online registered user:

This morning we learned of a possible breach of the e-mail addresses and passwords belonging to registered users on the *newspaper name* Online website (including the *another name* reader forum.)

While no credit card or other information is involved, out of an abundance of caution we wanted to alert you that it is possible that someone gained access to the e-mail address and password you provided when registering.

While you may easily change your password by going to the *newspaper name* Online website, logging in and then clicking on “Edit User Info,” the more important concern is that you may have used the same e-mail/password combination with financial or other institutions. If so, we strongly suggest that you change your password at those other institutions.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have any questions or would like assistance in changing your *newspaper name* Online password, please don’t hesitate to contact… blah blah blah

The emphasis is mine.

Do you do that?

Do you have, like, one user name + password combo that you use over-and-over ‘cuz it’s easy to remember? Been doing so for years?

Has your bank account vanished yet?

Reason I asked that is, if you do that, you are ripe for the picking. Those people out there in Internet Land, storing your password, do not know how to keep that safe (even though they are paid to do so..) or they do know how, but they are not provided the budget/tools.

It’s up to you.

You MUST learn to Use strong (and complex) passwords. Everywhere. And change them every so often. (click the blue words, please.)

That’s the world we live in. Don’t be a victim. Get smart.

Don’t count on someone else.

*     *     *

Hopefully.. I have caught some

by now.. (written on Thursday). Have a great weekend everybody!

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