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Cautions When Sending E-mail

Many times over the years, I have received calls here at my biz from someone desperately wanting to recall (aka “un- Send) an e-mail accidentally sent to the wrong person.

I myself, have hit “Send” sooner than I should have, many many times (but I have not sent romantic weekend getaway plans – meant for my mistress – to my wife. I’ve only talked to someone who did) and wished I could pull the message back.

I am not going to bore you with technical workings of email (POP3, SMTP, and IMAP), but I am going to say that you can no more UNsend (recall) an email than you can UNspill a glass of milk – it can’t be done. All you can do is clean up the mess as best you can — and learn not to “spill” in the first place.

Exercising care in sending e-mails: Folks need to be aware of this once-it-is-sent-it-is-sent reality, and learn to exercise appropriate caution:

* Think before clicking on Reply To All (better yet, never use it).

* Double-check addresses before clicking Send.

* When at work refrain from using the corporate e-mail system for non-business related messages. (Don’t use your workstation to open your personal email Inbox(es) either, unless you don’t mind your company’s IT staff and/or bosses reading all your private mail.)

* Regard e-mail messages as postcards instead of letters.

* Take the time to proofread.

(Man, this is a huge one for me, and I really am trying to ‘get in the habit’, but my friends and family are pretty used to seeing typos and misspellings, duplicate words words, and questionable grammar. In professional correspondence, such errata is shooting myself in the foot.)

* When “forwarding” take the time to remove the original Sender’s email address(es).

I do not know if my desperate caller wound up in divorce court, but I do know that one quick and simple careless mistake had serious consequences he was not at all eager to face…

And I do not know if my typos and misspellings have cost me business…

But I do know, I need to slow down; and it wouldn’t hurt me to take some time before clicking on the Send button.

A click can cost you.

Have a great weekend, everybody! (And, “I Wish I Could Have Unsent That” stories can be left in the comment section. I suspect you may have one or two…)

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