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Several items (I found  interesting) – for your consideration:

* For fellow fans of vintage warbirds.. a slideshow.

“MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–Three planes with a long history of service in the United States military made a stop yesterday here at Moffett Field as part of the National Wings of Freedom tour, a traveling aviation museum honoring World War II veterans and providing a living history experience to attendees.” See the rest..

* Modern Mac owners need to ignore the dinosaurs and get protection

I can’t believe that we’re still having a discussion over whether or not the bad guys have begun targeting Mac users. I really can’t. I’m truly staggered by the fact that people who have been around computers for decades and who are supposedly keeping their finger on the tech pulse are still clinging on for dear life to the notion that Mac is somehow immune of invulnerable to modern malware.See the rest..

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* 10 things end users do that drive me crazy

Annoying users come with the support tech territory, but sometimes a little venting can help. See if these scenarios sound familiar.See the rest..

* Special Limited Time Giveaway – Advanced Fast Backup & Recovery Software

“Get your free copy of the Pro version of this 5-star backup programSee the rest..

* Upcoming Cyber Security Threats Part 1: Text-Message Malware

Do you wonder what future cyber security threats the cyber crooks are working on to steal our money?See the rest..

* Windows 7 (Upgrade) “Family Pack” offer is again available

* An Online World of Solitaire

If you are Solitaire gamer, then you will be interested in the Cloud based version of Solitaire called “World of Solitaire”…See the rest..

* Big Brother gets better vision after Seattle’s 802.11n upgrade

“In Seattle, an upgraded 802.11n mesh network means the police department can keep a watchful eye on more of the city than ever before..See the rest..

* Forget the tethering police, the rooting police are here, led by Google

Disturbing news cropped up that Google is looking for rooters and denying them full use of rooted Android devices. Content providers may push Google into full-blown DRM hysteria aimed at rooted Android devices.See the rest..

* How to kill innovation, in five easy steps

Innovation is the life-blood of most organizations in the 21st century, but most of them regularly do things to snuff out innovation wherever it rears its head. Here are five of the main culprits.Read more…

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