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What a long strange trip it’s been…

In the middle of last year, this site passed a major website milestone, having had one million visitors. (Naturally, I wrote an article on that.) I noticed this morning that The ‘ole odometer has just clicked over the 1.5 millionth visitor to my humble tech Tips, Tricks, and Advice site, Tech – for Everyone.

I have copy>pasted the previous article, and updated it, to reflect what’s happened in intervening months.

*     *     *

Since I published my first article (The first Tech Paul Post: secure your web connection) in June of 2007, I have learned a thing or two, made some important friendships, and – hopefully – helped a few folks learn a few things, solve a few problems, and better enjoy technology along the way.

To you – Dear Reader – I say…


A few other T4E stats:

# of articles posted: 1,056 1,423 (roughly 95.56% original, 4.44% re-postings.) Note: Use my “Search widget” to browse prior tips & answers by keywords, or browse my writings by month.

# of Reader Comments: 3,892 6,955 (almost exactly half of those are my replies.. so lets say, 2,000 3,500 readers have asked questions/commented. I welcome your comments on my articles and questions about computers and “tech”. Dialogue is what keeps the Web relevant and dynamic.)

Most popular article: Manage Startup programs in Vista

Most downloaded program (referral): Microsoft’s PowerPoint Viewer is tops, with 2,065.
The previous winner here, Security Task Manager (928 1,238) has dropped to #3.  (Panda’s Cloud Antivirus is #2, with 1,292.)

# of cups of coffee consumed by Tech Paul while writing all these articles: 16 26 (… but, they were Olympic swimming pool-sized cups. Ha!)

WordPress rated this blog a “Wow” (see, WordPress Rates Tech – for Everyone)

It was never my intention to write so many articles, nor write for so long. My intention was simply to publish a few How-To’s – so I could say “Here, read this”, instead of constantly repeating myself (when people find out you’re a tech.. they ask you questions!).

Thanks for being a part of it all, and I hope you all have a tolerably fair-to-middlin’ week!

Today’s quotable quote:It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”  ~ W.C. Fields

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