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Friday Fun (and some tech)

Most people like Fridays.

I mean, much more than they like Mondays. (Thus the acronym “TGIF”.) To celebrate, let me start with some humor. (Like all good humor, contains elements of Truth..)

* Six things geek dads REALLY want for Father’s Day [Note: all these gifts are free.]

Don’t waste your money on cheap little gizmos on Father’s Day. Here are six intangibles that you can do for the geek dad that will be worth a lot more.Read more..

Ripped from the headlines…

* End your career with these Weiner-style social networking tips

You, too, can end your career with a spectacular flourish! Just follow these four easy steps.” Read more..

Below is a “blurb” for a security article. Is it just me, or can this be read as a …

* Bugs in the human hardware

Guest blogger Alan Wlasuk notes that the most serious security flaws in organizations continue to be the humans who work in them. Can we ever eradicate the phishing threat?” Read more..

…  call for killing all humans?

* For those of you who play Call of Duty (or other online FPS’s), check my latest video in my VodPod widget. (Or, click here, and watch the TheLegendofKarl..)

* Today’s fun video: Solar-powered Sideburns (yes.. they walk among us.)

Today’s quotable quote:Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.”  ~ Peter T. Mcintyre

Have a great weekend everybody!

Bonus: (for those who chuckle at such things)

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