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ShoppyBag And Other Warnings

Toto, I’ve a feeling were not in Kansas anymore..

Internet scams:

An alert reader informed me of another website, something called “ShoppyBag” (wonder who that’s aimed at?) that harvests your email contact list and then spams out “Hey! [friend’s name] tagged you in a photo.. click here to ” type recruitment emails, ala the vile method of (see Just Say “No” To

Tell your friends: if you should ever see something from ShoppyBag in your Inbox delete it unopened. I don’t care that it appears to have come from your best friend. (It probably did, if your best friend was suckered.) Do not try to “unsubscribe”.

Complaints are rampant.. here is a good sample discussion of ShoppyBag. IMHO, a certain “dignan2” said it best..

Are people really this gullible? You receive some cryptic email from a friend, you click on the link, and you sign up giving this “company” access to all of your contacts. In this day and age, how can you possibly fall for this stuff? I mean it really makes no sense to me. I received the same email under my brother’s name and didn’t even click on the link. I alerted him to this crap being sent to me (and probably many others).
If you get odd emails like this, it’s very simple DON’T SIGN UP! DON’T EVEN CLICK ON THE LINK! JUST DELETE!
Are we really becoming this dumb as a society? Scary.

Beware of Google+ Invite scams. For the millions and millions and millions of you interested in “social networking”, and “tweeting”… get a life? Sorry. That’s not what I meant to say. Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools, bringing us closer together in the One Human Family. What I meant to say is, Google is coming out with a new “service”, Google+, which is supposed to be the social networker’s bee’s knees. Trouble is, it’s currently limited release and “invite only”.. so…

Google+ Invite Scams Appear On Facebook

The search giant’s latest foray into social networking is currently in a closed “field trial,” and invitations are a hot commodity. But thanks to some unscrupulous opportunists, you must be wary of Google+ invites that appear on Facebook.Read more..

.. a “hot commodity”.. wow. I remember, as a kid, watching a Disney program about lemmings..

“Don Gunshot” is Blackmailing You

It’s a variation on the old 419 scam. The e-mail tells you that the sender is a hit man hired to knock you off, but he’ll take your money instead.Read more..

All Google Profiles will be public, private profiles deleted on July 31st

“If you don’t make your Google Profile public and searchable by Google+ users by July 31st, Google will delete it.Read more..

Folks, the Internet is not Disneyland, nor some vast public library where everyone is on their best behavior. It’s an unpoliced, fly by night freak show where cybercriminals are fleecing us rubes out of billions of dollars a year. But, hey, you can watch porn for free!

Let’s use some paranoid common sense when online.


Researchers Dissect The Underground Economy Of Fake Antivirus Software

Scareware pushers see more than 2 percent sales conversion, make millions in profit — and even offer refunds.” Read more..

Are social media and mobile app jobs just fads? (This is one to read the “Comments” on.)

Are social media and mobile app jobs fads or legitimate fields to get into?Read more..

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