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“.. fraudsters see the Internet as Man’s greatest invention ..

I overheard a conversation between two ladies the other day. One was expressing her frustration and anger due to her discovery that her new online ‘friend’ turned out to be much older and heavier than shown in his photo…

Capture (2)

(note: I would gladly give proper attribution for this picture if I could figure out its source. It is [I believe] a spin off of the popular Demotivators posters..)

She seemed to be surprised by the discrepancy. Me? I always use a Tom Cruise picture.
.. All joking aside: I hope this will remind you (and it might be a good idea to remind your children) that everything is not always as it appears.

And other times, it is: can you say “scam”?

spam folder

The Netherlands Lottery Says I've Won $2.5 mil

Note: I post that picture from time to time; usually with a reference to the online sex trade (“meet Fungirl22″). There is no doubt in my mind that fraudsters see the Internet as Man’s greatest invention, and they are taking full advantage of it.

While this woman was simply a “victim” of someone putting up an older, more flattering photo of themselves, criminals and creeps have been known to “pose” for much more serious (and dangerous) reasons and try to strike up “chats” with our children. It is a fact that our children are getting online at quite a young age these days, and IMHO they need to be told that the “new Friend on Facebook” may not be their friend at all.

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Unrelated #2: I think I know, now, why my recent forays as a fishermen met with such poor results – I was using the wrong method. Next time I am going to try what these guys do.

Silly me. I was using tackle

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