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Cool Saturday Breezes…

It’s time to “lighten up”. Call me silly, if you like.. but I need a smile. Do you?

My psychiatrist told me I’m going crazy. I told him, “If you don’t mind, I’d like a second opinion.” He said, “All right. You’re ugly too!” Rodney_Dangerfield

I admired Rodney Dangerfield. Imagine.. being born with a mug like that, (it’s almost as bad as mine.. ) and going from Aluminum siding salesman to stand up comic at age 40.. Watching him on YouTube is a sure cure for the blues (for me, anyway). It took courage to do what he did.

100 years from now, his jokes will still be making people laugh…

Silly is – IMHO – Mike Meyers. I liked him best as “Wayne”, and usually, I think his Austin Powers role is a bit too.. um.. well, not my taste. But I sure like how he can smile at everything.. And, you have to admit, this “intro” is worth watching again.

Smiling at everything takes courage too.

(Did he say, “Wayne?”)

Why sure! Except for the Pacer, I happened to know a few folks who did this once or twice in their lives.. (not me, of course.. ahem.)

Party on, Wayne. (aka “Have a great weekend, everybody!”)

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July 16, 2011 - Posted by | blogging


  1. Great stuff Paul. I miss Rodney Dangerfield. Thanks for the smiles my friend! :D


    Comment by IzaakMak | July 16, 2011 | Reply

    • IzaakMak,
      An interesting man, that Rodney … I’m going to get (and read) his autobiography..

      Glad you had a smile!

      Rodney had a website…


      Comment by techpaul | July 16, 2011 | Reply

  2. Rodney and Johnny, real funny guys, thanks for the memories and the laugh !


    Comment by MikeyK | July 17, 2011 | Reply

  3. MikeyK,
    Kind of hard to believe that it has been not quite 10 years since Johnny was host of the Tonight Show

    Glad you enjoyed the post (and got a laugh or two).


    Comment by techpaul | July 17, 2011 | Reply

  4. Funny… light and breez-e!!!

    I was not familiar with these characters Rodney and Mike Meyers, not being a T V fan… I missed the movie too.
    Thanks for the giggles.



    Comment by Anonymous | July 17, 2011 | Reply

    • Gaia,
      I am glad you enjoyed the “introduction” to Rodney and Mike.

      While (both) their humor may touch upon the risque, they do/did not go “over the top”, as it seems so many comics do these days. (No, it does not take a ‘guttermouth’ to make ole Tech Paul laugh..)


      Comment by techpaul | July 17, 2011 | Reply

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