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Who’s Tamara Moon? | Software Giveaway

Who is Tamara Moon? I never heard of her, have you? Neither had I heard of FINRA. But I had heard of Citigroup. What caught my eye was a half-million dollar fine.

FINRA recently announced that it was fining Citigroup $500,000 for failing to keep track of an employee who managed to steal almost $750,000 from 22 customers during the course of eight years.

I ask you, who is the worst villain here? (This is from Dark Reading, an Information Security website).

A sales assistant at a branch office, Tamara Moon, stole money from the elderly, people with Parkinson’s disease, and even her own dad. And she managed to keep up her thieving ways despite exception reports that popped up for her superiors detailing conflicts in new account application information. Similarly, her supervisors did not spot red flags from suspicious transfers between unrelated accounts.

While FINRA is penalizing (punishing) the supervisors, the article sort of suggests the ‘bad guy’ is those working the technology, and I found it an interesting read: Insiders Still Thwart Database Controls Without Supervisory Support.
(Also interesting [to me]: “still thwart“.. like, insider theft should be stopped by now. I ask, has their ever been a defense created that an attacker didn’t eventually out-maneuver? At the moment, I can only think of one.. the Cold War policy of MAD.)

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Today’s quote:Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute.” ~ Gil Stern

(And just in case you’re wondering.. people like Tamara.. well, I cannot print my thoughts.)

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