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Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Folks, rogue antivirus infections have me doing non-stop repairs, as the hackers are “poisoning” more websites (please see [and refer friends and family to] Your Computer Is Lying To You… The Epidemic Of Rogues).

I only have time to suggest two quick recommendations, which contain much good information for parents. (.. Maybe, must know information..)

Neil J. Rubenking’s:

• Keep Your Child Safe Online

From online bullies to perverts to the lure of time-wasters like YouTube, there are far too many ways unsupervised kids of any age can get into trouble on the Internet. We look at a baker’s dozen ways to keep your kids out of trouble online—whether they’re toddlers or teens or thirty-something return-to-the-nesters.”

Child Safe Browsers

How do you keep you kids on child-safe sites when you can’t watch over their shoulders as they surf? With a child-safe browser.

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Today’s quote:My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions, but in the fewness of my wants.” ~ J. Brotherton

• A reader wrote in and told me that Smashing Magazine was offering a free eBook, as a way of celebrating their 5th anniversary. The book contains their “Best Of” the past 5 years. For more, and to get your book, click here. And thank you, Dear Reader (you know who you are).

Watch Out, Pandora – iHeartRadio Launches Upgraded Service

Office cube-dwellers rejoice: there is now a much better alternative to Pandora that not only offers more music, but unlimited listening. With the upgraded version of Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio service — still in beta — music listeners can enjoy unlimited music with no ads until the end of the year. Even better is an upcoming iHeartRadio app, which will launch next week for the iPhone and soon for Android.

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